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Defusing the Myopia Time-Bomb

By Bhavin Shah - Copyright The Opthamologist

At a Glance
1.  Myopia is becoming more prevalent, and it increases the risk of developing sight-threatening conditions, such as cataracts or myopic macular degeneration.
2.  Children are increasingly suffering from myopia, which can have an impact on their education and future prospects.
Four main groups of factors – genetic, environmental, accommodative/vergence and peripheral retinal hyperopic defocus – contribute to development of myopia.
Identifying patients at risk of myopia and acting early can help prevent or delay progression of the condition.

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The Enhanced World of Augmented Reality

by Phoebe Harkin - Copyright The Ophthalmologist

Though augmented reality (AR) has proved successful in enhancing the corporate user experience, it is yet to have a similar impact in the healthcare sphere, with most AR applications aimed at physicians, rather than patients. A team at the Keck School of Medicine, USC, is hoping to change that with a patient-focused design: a pair of AR glasses. Designed for visually impaired patients, the glasses operate on an intelligent AR system that overlays objects with four bright, distinct colors – blue, green, red (for far vision) and white (for close vision). These visual color cues help people with constricted peripheral vision interpret complex environments, allowing them to avoid obstacles in dim lighting. A nice idea, but how do the glasses perform in the real world?

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Iris Breakthrough

Sponsored by HumanOptics via The Ophthalmologist

Soon after its “Breakthrough Device” designation, the HumanOptics Artificial Iris became the first – and remains the only – FDA-approved prosthetic iris. Custom-manufactured for each patient, the innovative implant delivers outstanding cosmetic outcomes.

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