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High-Tech Contact Lenses That Correct Color Blindness

By Daniel Feldman | Copyright The Optical Journal

Researchers have incorporated ultra-thin optical devices known as metasurfaces into off-the-shelf contact lenses to correct deuteranomaly, a form of red-green color blindness. The new customizable contact lens could offer a convenient and comfortable way to help people who experience various forms of color blindness.

“Problems with distinguishing red from green interrupt simple daily routines such as deciding whether a banana is ripe,” said Sharon Karepov from Tel Aviv University in Israel, a member of the research team. “Our contact lenses use metasurfaces based on nano-metric size gold ellipses to create a customized, compact and durable way to address these deficiencies.”

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This Smart Contact Lens Changes Colors If You Have Certain Eye Problems

By Invision Staff | Copyright Invision Magazine

A research group in China has developed a “smart” contact lens that can show real-time changes in moisture and pressure by changing colors. The lens can potentially be used for point-of-care diagnosis of xerophthalmia and high intraocular pressure disease, according to a press release.

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3D Printing in Ophthalmology

By Lynda Charters | Copyright Ophthalmology Times

According to Andrea A. Tooley, MD, 3D printing for surgical applications is not the future of ophthalmology. It is the present.

While ophthalmology has been slower than other medical specialties to adopt the surgical applications of this technology, many applications are available.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing, in contrast to subtractive technology or the use of molds. The most common type of 3D printing is the liquid form, which uses thin layers of a liquid polymer that is cured rapidly by ultraviolet light to facilitate the addition of new overlying layers to create the desired shape. This is the primary use in medical applications and is referred to as stereolithography, Dr. Tooley explained.

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Virtual Reality Demo Sheds Light on Vision Issues

Copyright Think About Your Eyes

See what happens as parents and teachers do a virtual reality demo that lets them sample how various vision impairments impact vision. The results speak for themselves as people realize just how difficult simple learning tasks could be for students with undiagnosed eye problems.

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Our Eyes Work Like Cameras

Copyright The Discovery Eye Foundation

The inner workings of the human eye are complex, but at the same time, fascinating. Have you wondered how exactly they do work or what are the major parts of the eyeball involved in creating vision? Let’s find out.

These tiny cameras spend every day processing millions of pieces of information at lightning fast speeds, and turn them into the simple images we see almost instantly.

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