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Coronavirus: How Eyes May Play a Role in its Spread

By John Egan | Copyright All About Vision

Our eyes might play an important role in the spread and prevention of the new coronavirus outbreak seen throughout the world. For example, a Peking University physician believes he may have contracted the coronavirus while not wearing eye protection when treating patients. 

Patients who have contracted the new coronavirus may have ocular symptoms. The relationship between the transmission of the coronavirus and your eyes is complicated.

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These Chic Retro-Glasses are Actually a Pair of Smart Gaming Headphones!

By Sarang Sheth | Copyright Yanko Design

Outwardly, the Mutrics GB-30 are a pair of really cool, chunky, vintage-gaming-inspired glasses. On the inside, however, the sleek glasses are fitted with open-ear audio drivers, or bone-conducting earphones that provide a private audio-listening experience, especially for gamers, without the need for a cumbersome pair of gaming headphones. The GB-30’s open-ear audio drivers are arguably perfect for gaming. Whether you’re on Twitch, streaming your kill-streak or on the subway with your Nintendo Switch, the GB-30 are a pretty voguish way to listen to gameplay audio, while the open-ear technology means you can hear stuff around you too. 

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Learn How Oceanic Waste Becomes Stylish Glasses!

Copyright WPVI-TV

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"What if wearing glasses could save the ocean?" An optometrist in Drexel Hill has the answer.  Steve Cohn has been an optometrist for the better part of 35 years. Yet, it still surprised him to learn about this new type of eyewear.

These glasses are upcycled from waste gathered in the ocean.

It's an ongoing effort by Sea2See, a small company that collaborates with thousands of fishermen on the ports of Spain. They harvest about 500kg of marine plastic waste per day and convert it into optical fashion. The most common waste collected is abandoned fish nets.

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Philippe Starck’s Latest Design Innovation Is High-End Eyewear That Doesn’t Need Screws

The acclaimed designer set his sights on eyewear for his latest innovation.

By Martin Lerma | Copyright The Rob Report 

Among the most prolific designers of his generation, Philippe Starck hasn’t slowed for a moment in his decades-long career. The multi-faceted creative has turned his sights to eyewear where he developed an innovative collection entitled Sphere free of screws or welds.

Produced under the Starck Biotech Paris umbrella, the five-piece collection of classic eyewear range features predominantly rectangular silhouettes––a Starck signature––and two rounded shapes, all constructed with lightweight titanium temples and injected frame fronts made with a high-tech polymer. The unique sphere hinge doesn’t require the screws or weld points traditionally used in eyewear hinges, which helps keep them light.

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