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The Possible Connection Among Kids, Devices, and Myopia

By Raman P. Sah, BOptom | Copyright Optometry Times

Myopia is experiencing an epidemic rise across the world, most dramatically among younger people (college educated and high school graduates) in East and South Asia where the prevalence has reached almost 100 percent in some demographics.

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A New Artificial Eye Mimics and May Outperform Human Eyes

Copyright Eyewire News

Scientists can’t yet rebuild someone with bionic body parts. They don’t have the technology. But a new artificial eye brings cyborgs one step closer to reality, according to a report in Science News.

This device, which mimics the human eye’s structure, is about as sensitive to light and has a faster reaction time than a real eyeball. It may not come with the telescopic or night vision capabilities that Steve Austin had in The Six Million Dollar Man television show, but this electronic eyepiece does have the potential for sharper vision than human eyes, researchers report in the May 21 Nature.

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Eye, Robot: Artificial Intelligence Dramatically Improves Accuracy of Classic Eye Exam

By Marina Wang | Copyright Science Magazine

The classic eye exam may be about to get an upgrade. Researchers have developed an online vision test—fueled by artificial intelligence (AI)—that produces much more accurate diagnoses than the sheet of capital letters we’ve been staring at since the 19th century. If perfected, the test could also help patients with eye diseases track their vision at home.

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Copyright Optical Prism

The Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE) has updated, its website focused on providing evidence-based guidance regarding COVID-19 and contact lenses, with more resources for eye care professionals and wearers. 

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