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This Machine Creates Artificial Vision for the Blind

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Second Sight's Orion system bypasses the eyes to bring artificial vision directly to the brain. Working prototypes are being tested right now in six blind individuals.

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Blind Man Sees for the First Time in 38 Years

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This video is going to make you laugh, and cry. Watch as a legally blind man sees for the first time in 38 years thanks to eSight - revolutionary electronic glasses that let those who are legally blind actually see.

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Wearable Device IDs Faces, Reads Text for the Blind

Copyright 2018 Fox5NY

Losing her vision was never part of Adrienne Norbeck's plan.

"I just see a field of gray," she said. "I knew it was a possibility. It is for every diabetic but it never thought it would happen to me."

Norbeck, 31, a lifelong diabetic, said that three years ago her bad habits caught up with her. Her vision suddenly deteriorated.

"I was scared, frustrated, angry," she said. "Really angry for a while." Her life was quickly turned upside down. She lost her sense of independence.

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Envision AI for iOS and Android

Copyright 2018 The Blind Life

Envision AI is an app for iOS and Android which has similar features to Seeing AI.

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