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New Research Has Identified the Most (and Least) Effective Face Masks for Coronavirus

Is a bandana as good as a stitched face mask?
These experts address that and more.

by Korin Miller - © Prevention

The message from public health officials is clear: You should wear a mask when you go out in public to help limit the spread of COVID-19. But information on exactly what kind of mask to wear and how effective they are has been limited.

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Masks and Lens Fogging: Can Venting Help?

By Daniel Feldman - © The Optical Journal

John Seegers of Optician Works and Laramy-K, have graciously shared some of their awesome videos with us to share with you. John is one of the best trainers of opticians and his video series have received acclaim from coast to coast, helping thousands of opticians pass certification and licensing exams.

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Essilor Offers Anti-Fog Solutions

© Vision Monday

Product: Essilor Anti-Fog Solutions portfolio
Top Line: Essilor now offers two anti-fog solutions designed to meet the challenges eyeglass wearers are facing today.
Close Up: Essilor’s Anti-Fog Solutions portfolio consists of two products:
• Essilor Anti-Fog AR, a new product best suited for patients bothered by fog on their lenses due to wearing face masks, where the fog mostly occurs on the back surface of the lens
• Optifog, which Essilor recommends for patients bothered by fog due to activities such as skiing (athletes), cooking (chefs), or due to varying weather conditions that create fogging issues on both sides of the lens.

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Summer's in Full Swing So Make Sure You

Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

© Vision Monday

Although the sun emits harmful rays 365 days of the year, it is strongest during the spring and summer months. So longer days coupled with more time spent outdoors can make our eyes susceptible to significant problems, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis, a condition that’s similar to a sunburn, except it affects the corneas of the eye.

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FTC Ignores Congress, AOA and Other Medical Groups with Flawed Contact Lens Rule Changes

© American Optometric Association

Federal regulators finalized new Contact Lens Rule mandates on prescribers despite years of opposition from not only the AOA but also members of Congress, prompting optometry's advocates to press for fairness and full accountability in the regulatory process going forward.

In an announcement posted Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved a final rule amending the Contact Lens Rule that will require prescribers to obtain signed acknowledgement forms indicating patients' receipt of contact lens prescriptions, and to keep record of that patient confirmation for at least three years.  

"This action is made even more outrageous and unacceptable at a time when we've been providing essential, primary care to our patients during the coronavirus pandemic."AOA President William T. Reynolds, O.D. 

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