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10 New Treatments in Eye Care

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10 new treatments in eye care

As optometry continues to evolve, it is critical for proactive practitioners to stay abreast of new developments that will help them provide improved clinical outcomes. This article highlights 10 new treatments in eye care that every optometrist should know.

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HelpMeSee Launches Revolutionary Cataract Technology

by Daniel Feldman © The Optical Journal

HelpMeSee Launches Revolutionary Cataract Technology
HelpMeSee, the not-for-profit global campaign to end cataract blindness, today announced a landmark achievement in medical simulation training with the completion of its Eye Surgery Simulator. Equipped with sensory touch feedback and realistic virtual graphics, the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator, incorporated within the HelpMeSee Training Program, supports the training of cataract specialists on the Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) procedure, a solution that could help end the global cataract blindness crisis.
New Technology Could Improve Lasik & Eye Disease Detection

by Daniel Feldman © The Optical Journal

HelpMeSee Launches Revolutionary Cataract Technology

LASIK eye surgery – a laser reshaping of the cornea to improve vision – is one of the most popular elective surgeries in the United States, and a University of Houston professor of biomedical engineering intends to improve upon it by giving surgeons more information about the cornea before they begin. Specifically, Kirill Larin wants to provide a measurement of corneal elasticity, a key component of visual acuity. Eye surgeons currently do not have a reliable method to perform a quantitative measurement of corneal elasticity in patients before the procedure.

Causes of Eye Cancer

Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD © News Medical Life Sciences

Okia Optical releases new Reshape eyewear collection made from recycled bottles

There are no definitive causes of eye cancers. However, there are certain risk factors that are associated with eye cancers. Individuals with these traits are more prone to develop these cancers.

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Okia Optical Releases New Reshape Eyewear Collection Made From Recycled Bottles

By Brooke Beery © Optometry Times

Okia Optical releases new Reshape eyewear collection made from recycled bottles

The Hong Kong-based eyewear company, Okia, released a new eyewear collection called Reshape, made entirely of 100 percent recycled material from plastic bottles. Each new eyewear model is made from 5 recycled water bottles. The 2020 launch includes thinner and lighter styles, which add comfort and flexibility to the lenses. Additionally, the color range has been updated with new vibrant, shiny, milky, and crystal tones. The company’s goal is to pursue sustainable eyewear that addresses the global plastic crisis to build a better world for future generations.

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No More Tears: Here's How to Chop Onions Without Crying

By Shirley Dang © American Academy of Ophthalmology

Onions add depth and sweetness to savory dishes, but the same compounds that make them so flavorful can also bring you to tears. Did you know that onions are rich in sulfur? When you chop an onion, you're releasing sulfurous compounds and enzymes into the air. Mixed together, they form an eye-irritating gas. Your eyes react to this gas by producing tears.

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Colorado Doctors of Optometry Announce Public Health Initiative to Keep Eye Emergencies Out of Emergency Rooms This Winter

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Doctors of optometry across Colorado, 2020 Eyes Colorado, and the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) have launched an October awareness initiative to educate Coloradans on Eye Emergencies: Where to Go and What to Do. This health information is currently important for Colorado communities and populations vulnerable to COVID-19 as the state approaches a possible surge in COVID-19 cases during winter.

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