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July is UV Safety
Awareness Month

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Summer UV Safety

Did you know that reflection of the sun's rays off of water can cause temporary blindness? Make sure you protect your eyes this summer with 100% UV protection eyewear. Learn more ...

July is Dry Eye
Awareness Month
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Dry Eye Awareness

Are your eyes often irritated—as if dust or sand were in them? Do your eyes sting or burn? Are they sensitive to light? Has driving at night or wearing contact lenses become more difficult? If so, you may have dry eye disease. Learn more ...

Hand Sanitizer Causes Ocular Chemical Burns in Pediatric Population

By Brooke Beery, Associate Editor
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Ocular burns

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol-based hand sanitizers (ABHS) have become widely available in public places. ABHS dispensers are typically posted around small children’s eye level where they have been accidentally sprayed directly into young eyes or unwittingly rubbed into eyes after being applied to hands.

The chemical makeup of hand sanitizer can be seriously damaging to the ocular surface because it contains high concentrations of alcohol, typically ethanol, which causes serious pain and can kill corneal cells, which may require a corneal transplant.

Read more about ocular chemical burns ...

How Optogenetics Can Help Unlock Vision Loss Treatment

By K. Patricia Bouweraerts, MA
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Researcher Botond Roska, MD,  PhD, shared with colleagues his initial work on genetics and the retina at a conference in 2008, and was met with room-sized skepticism. “And they told me that I’m cuckoo … ‘this is not something that ever will happen in ophthalmology,’” he says he was told.


Read more about optogenetics.

Roughness of Retinal layers, a New Alzheimer's Biomarker

By Universidad Complutense de Madrid
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Over recent years, the retina has established its position as one of the most promising biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Moving on from the debate as to the retina becoming thinner or thicker, researchers from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Hospital Clínico San Carlos are focusing their attention on the roughness of the ten retinal layers.


Read more about retinal layers.

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