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Welcome to Lakewood Eye Center

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Professional Eye Health Care and Cutting Edge Cosmetic Procedures

We have been serving the Lakewood, Edgewater, Clear Creek, Golden and surrounding Metro Denver communities since 1956. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the outstanding, professional, individualized care that you deserve when it comes to your eye and skin care needs.

We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive, yet individual attention to each of our patients. In addition to our eye health services, we also provide experienced, personalized eye and skin care services. Lakewood Eye Center has been been serving the entire Denver metro area for over 60 years. The efficient and welcoming Lakewood staff are here for you and your family members.

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Do You Need an Eye Exam?

See how well you do at this online eye test. You’ll probably find that it’s time to get checked by a professional. Then call us or use our online appointment request form.
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