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Frequently Asked Questions – Eye Exams

All kids should have their eyes checked. Holly Firfer explains how you know if your child is having difficulty seeing.

© 2013 CNN
This is a video for children to get ready for their eye exam and show parents the tests a pediatric optometrist will do.

© 2012 Dr. Vicky Fischer
Tons of parents ask Dr. Luke Small how he can do an eye exam on a 6 months Old! With a guest star Kenzy, Dr. Small shows you the steps he takes while examining your infant's eyes.

© 2017 Armstrong & Small Eye Care Centre
Optometrist Dr Jeff Taranto shares how important it is to get an eye exam and how often a person should get their eyes checked.

© 2017 A Wise Way
Expert ophthalmologist Mr. Brian Little advises how often you should get checked for eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.

© 2018 Top Doctors UK
Dr. Lindsay Rhodes of Medical West discusses the need for consistent eye exams to detect and treat potential eye issues and complications.

© 2013 UAB Medical West
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