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FAQ – Eye Care Conditions & Diseases

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive and video answers for each. Toggle each question open and closed by clicking the + and – symbols. If you have a question for us, submit it using the form at the bottom of the page.

© 2015 National Eye Institute, NIH
Dr. Aaron Petersen was on ABC15's The List to discuss the importance of an annual eye exam. Even if you have good vision, an eye exam can detect underlining medical issues you may not be aware of.

© 2015 SouthwesternEye
Why is my eye twitching? In this video I review 7 remedies for the twitching eyelid.

© 2019 Doctor Eye Health
Dr. Richie discusses a change in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes.

© 2015 Richie Eye Clinic
People with dry eyes may experience symptoms of irritated, gritty, scratchy, or burning eyes, a feeling of something in their eyes.

© 2013 AHJEyeNVision
Shannon Wong explains what to expect during and after cataract and lens replacement surgery.

© 2018 Shannon Wong, MD

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