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We have a Wide Selection of Contact Lens Brands

Contact lens manufacturers strive to make products that give you better quality vision with premium lens materials and more options for your eyes’ well-being. The environment in Colorado has low humidity, high pollen, windy conditions and plenty of UV light. These conditions create the need for better, more permeable materials for your eyes, and demands frequent evaluations. Many factors lakewood eye center contacts collage are taken into consideration when fitting you with contact lenses. In addition to environment, work environment, occupation, lens wear time, tear quality, tear quantity, solutions, medications, general health, vision demands or various combinations of these will also influence your success with contact lenses.

Be proactive with your eyes’ health rather than reactive when problems arise. Most problems can be fixed with a lens material change, or solution changes. Let us help you with your contact lens fitting, maintenance and replacements. Let’s stay ahead of the game for longer, more comfortable, and healthier wear-time for your eyes. There are many lens brands available. Some are more suited for Colorado than others. We’ll help you get the right lens for your eye needs. Schedule with us today!

Some popular brands names include, Acuvue Moist, Acculens, Air Optix, Biofiniti, Ciba Color/Colorblends, Frequency 55/Frequency-xr, Naturalens, Proclear,/Proclear WR, Westcon 38/55 Custom-Toric, Synergy-Eyes and many more.

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