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Winterizing Your Eyes

Products that tackle the vision issues associated with cold weather sports and how to sell them.

By Carol Gilhawley - Copyright Invision Magazine October 2019 Issue

When it comes to a winter sport like hockey, patients can buy specialist sports gear for protection. But, for other winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, motocross and mountain biking, patients may prefer to wear a goggle or prescription sunglass in a wrap frame for maximum coverage. These days, lens technologies are so effective they can offer color enhancement on the slopes and highlight moguls in any conditions.

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Illegal Halloween Contact Lens Sales

by Invision Staff - Copyright  Invision Magazine

The American Optometric Association is rolling out its annual “31 in 31” letter-writing campaign, calling out online vendors, brick-and-mortar shops and other sellers who may be distributing contacts to the public without valid prescriptions.

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Walmart to Help Employees Train as Opticians

The education benefit program is called Live Better U

by Invision Staff - Copyright  Invision Magazine

Walmart is launching an effort to help its employees train for careers in healthcare, including optician roles.

Walmart’s 1.5 million associates in the U.S. can apply for one of seven bachelor’s degrees and two career diplomas in health-related fields for $1 a day through Live Better U, the company’s education benefit program.

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