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Eight Kitchen Eye Safety Tips

By Dan Gudgel - Copyright American Academy of Ophthamology

While it's true that good nutrition is essential for long-term eye health, there can also be a more direct connection between food and eye safety. Make sure you know how to keep your eyes safe in the kitchen before you spend long hours on holiday meals.

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Today’s Tech for Assisting the Visually Impaired

Determining which devices serve a patient’s goals makes
intervention more feasible.

By Parres M. Wright, OD - Copyright Review of Optometry

The equipment and technology that is available in low vision rehabilitation is vast and ever-changing, providing optometrists myriad options when providing care to visually impaired patients. The newest technology includes advanced autofocused telescopic devices, portable electronic magnifiers, wearable devices, character readers, apps and built-in smartphones and tablet accessibility options. These options make it easier for eye care providers to assist their patients in living fuller, more productive and more independent lives. 

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Future of Dry Eye Treatment in Innovative Contact Lens

By Pittwire - Copyright The University of Pittsburgh

While contact lens-based therapies have been previously developed by dipping lenses in drug solutions, the team is using biopolymers for slow and sustained drug delivery to target the inflammatory pathways in the eye.

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What Happens to FSA Dollars at the End of the Year?

By Laura Evans - Copyright All About Vision

FSAs let you contribute pre-tax dollars from your paycheck toward your future health expenses. After paying for an eligible expense out of pocket, you can submit a claim to reimburse yourself with money from your account. 

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