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Contacts that Mimic the Human Eye

Researchers Create Contact Lenses that Zoom In and Out When You Blink Twice

by Luana Steffen - Copyright Intelligent Living

In 1887, the first contact lens, which was made of glass, was invented by a Swiss physician. Then, in 1938 the plastic contact lens was developed, followed by the first lens to cover only the cornea in 1950. Since the invention, people who have a far-sighted vision and near-sighted vision need two separate contact lenses, until now. Researchers have developed a contact lens that zooms in and out at your command. Eye movements control the lens, so if the user wants to zoom in, they just have to blink twice.

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Dry Eye Investigational Treatment

Bausch Health to Develop NOV03

by Invision Staff - Copyright Invision Magazine

Bausch Health has acquired an exclusive license for the commercialization and development in the United States and Canada of the investigational treatment NOV03 (perfluorohexyloctane), a first-in-class investigational drug with a novel mechanism of action to treat Dry Eye Disease (DED) associated with Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

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Brain Research May Lead to Glaucoma Treatment

Brain Pressure Controls Eye Pressure, Revealing New Avenues for Glaucoma Treatment

By University of South Florida - Copyright Medical Xpress

Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) have discovered a novel feedback pathway from the brain to the eye that modulates eye pressure—a significant advancement in the effort to diagnose and treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is associated with increased pressure in the eye due to a reduce ability of the eye to maintain proper fluid drainage. The heightened pressure applies mechanical strain to the optic nerve as the nerve exits the eye, resulting in vision loss and potential blindness.

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