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Through Their Eyes: Children's Eyewear

Still life photographed by NED MATURA - © 20/20 Mag

Our lives and our futures are in the hands and eyes of our children. Keep their eyes and their possible need for eyewear paramount.

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FRAMES: Your First Peek at 2021

Photographed by Stephen Mark Sullivan © 20/20 Mag

We are thrilled to be back featuring a signature 20/20 photo shoot Style Feature of eyewear on faces and proud to give you the first look at what you will be experiencing with the stylish world of eyewear and sunwear set for 2021.

Take a well-deserved deep dive into the incredible Opti-sphere of style and sensation with a world of frames set to define the vision and personalities of everyone looking to refresh their attitude for what it takes to face up to the challenges and the excitement of a new season… a new world… a new way of looking at everything.

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The Brain Implants That Could Change Humanity

By Moises Velasquez-Manoff - © The New York Times

Brains are talking to computers, and computers to brains. Are our daydreams safe?

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Four Alternatives to Eyeglasses for Children with Myopia

 by Reena Mukamal © American Academy of Ophthalmology

Cases of childhood myopia, or nearsightedness, are on the rise. About 42% of Americans now have myopia.

This condition develops when the eyeball grows too long or when the cornea has an odd shape, known as astigmatism. Light rays aren’t able to focus directly on the retina’s surface, so distant scenes like classroom whiteboards appear blurry.

Single-vision lenses — eyeglasses with a single prescription across the entire lens — can restore far vision. But they can’t stall the progression of myopia. That’s unfortunate because myopia can eventually lead to more serious eye problems such as early cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and retinal detachment. And there's another drawback to these lenses: They must be replaced often. Most children swap out their glasses for increasingly stronger prescriptions until they reach their early 20s. That’s the age when myopia usually stops progressing.

Four potential alternatives to glasses aim to restore vision while also preventing the eye from growing too long as the child ages. These options — MiSight contact lenses, orthokeratology, low-dose atropine drops and multifocal contact lenses — could potentially go a long way towards protecting a child’s vision for life. Here are the pros and cons of these potential myopia treatments.

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Pandemic Will Leave Children With Less Access to Eye Care, New Survey Shows

Nation’s pediatric ophthalmologists struggle to survive the COVID-19 shutdown

© American Academy of Ophthalmology

SAN FRANCISCO – Pediatric ophthalmologists are a rarity in medicine. There are only about a thousand of them to serve America’s 75 million children. And as other physicians fled private practice for hospitals or have been gobbled up by private equity firms, most pediatric ophthalmologists remain in private practice. Unfortunately, the factors that make the specialty uncommon have also made pediatric ophthalmologists and their patients uncommonly vulnerable to the ravages of the COVID-19 shutdown. A survey conducted by the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) shows that pediatric specialists are struggling to keep their practices viable in the wake of the shutdown. As a result, children in America may suffer medical outcomes not anticipated in first-world countries.

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Coronavirus Guide for Eye Patients

© American Academy of Ophthalmology

Turn to the Academy’s collection of EyeSmart articles for the latest information about coronavirus and your eyes, advice for patients and tips for staying healthy at home.

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Hey Kids, Your Glasses Are Awesome!

© Vision Source

Kids often struggle to adjust to having to wear glasses.

They’re already used to not being able to see clearly; the strange feeling of the glasses on their nose and ears and possibly teasing from their peers might not seem like a great trade for clear vision. What is a parent to do? Good eyesight is crucial for so many things in a growing child’s life, particularly education, so how can we help our kids gain a more positive outlook on their glasses?

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The Mechanics of Eyesight

© Vision Source

Our eyes are amazing, complicated organs.

Many different parts have to work together to convert the light bouncing off everything around us into a continuous stream of images that we can understand. What are these different parts and how do they contribute to our ability to see?

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