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Launching scEYEnce

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We are excited to announce the launch of scEYEnce, a new media campaign that shines a spotlight on the powerful benefits of vision research, not just for vision but for our health more broadly.

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What is scEYEnce?

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The scEYEnce campaign seeks to educate the public, the media, policymakers and other key stakeholders about the vital importance of vision research. A working group comprised of 10  Organizations dedicated to advancing the study and knowledge of vision science joined together to launch the campaign.

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Bionic Eyes: The Future is in Sight

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Remember Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation? Sightless from birth, yet able to see an electromagnetic world, hidden from the rest of us, through a futuristic bionic visor. It’s all science fiction, of course, but throughout its history, science fiction has had a persistent way of transforming into science into reality. So Geordi’s device begs the question: are we anywhere close to developing bionic devices for impaired vision, given our current technology?

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The End May be Near for

Diabetic Vision Loss

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Results of a new study out of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center suggest that administering a vitamin A analog called chromophore 9-cis-retinal, which creates a light-sensitizing visual pigment in retinal cells, can quickly reverse diabetic vision impairment – at least in mice. And it happens after only one dose.

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See What I See:
Virtual Reality Eye Disease Experience


Eye disease affects millions of people. But describing vision loss is difficult. With NEI’s virtual reality (VR) app, you can experience what it’s like to live with vision loss from common eye diseases.

To get started, download the NEI VR: See What I See app on your tablet or smartphone.

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