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GUESS to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

For the fourth consecutive year, GUESS and the Marcolin Group have renewed their commitment to support breast cancer awareness by partnering with the American non-profit The Get In Touch Foundation to create a capsule collection of dedicated eyewear. The Get In Touch Foundation is devoted to the important mission of educating women of all ages to get in touch with their bodies, to recognize even the slightest change through the use of safe, non-invasive tools for proper breast self-exams, such as the Daisy Wheel.

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Computer Eye Strain: 10 Steps for Relief

By Gary Heiting, OD, and Larry K. Wan, OD, Copyright  All About Vision

It seems everyone is staring at a computer screen, phone or other digital device these days. And it's causing a serious problem called digital eye strain. One way to help your eyes? Digital screen protection glasses.

Recent research sponsored by The Vision Council  has shown that 59 percent of people who routinely use computers and digital devices experience symptoms of digital eye strain (also called computer eye strain or computer vision syndrome).

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